LAN resume



I have over the years attended a lot of LAN parties. And since I seem to forget some of them, I though I would make a list.

Dreamhack Summer


Year Role What Crew? Hall
2015 Participant - D
2014 Participant - C
2013 Participant - C
2012 Participant - D

The Gathering


Year Role What Crew?
2014 Crew Info:Desk
2013 Crew Info:Desk
2011 Participant -
2009 Participant -

dfekt LAN


I serve as the leader for the dfekt LAN organization, in addition, I work in the tech crew.

Year Month Role What Crew? Where?
2014 July Leader Tech Fevang Grendehus
2014 February Leader Tech Ormestadhallen
2013 February Leader Tech Ormestadhallen
2012 August/September Leader Tech Fevang Grendehus
2012 February Leader Tech Ormestadhallen
2011 September Leader Tech Fevang Grendehus
2011 February Leader Tech Fevang Grendehus



Year Semester Role What Crew? Where?
2015 Spring Crew Tech P15
2014 Autumn Crew Tech Autronicahallen
2014 Spring Crew Tech P15
2013 Autumn Crew Tech P15
2013 Spring Crew Tech P15
2012 Autumn Crew Tech P15



Year Month Role What Crew? Where?
2014 October Crew Security Stokkehallen